3 Painted Glass VasesPainted glass is a beautiful craft that does not have to be very difficult and can yield stunning results. Painted glass bowls, vases and stemware all make beautiful gifts – and when you can do it yourself, they can be  made inexpensively and customized in a variety of ways.

Besides traditional glass paint, you can also incorporate other out-of-the-box ideas, like chalkboard painted glasses as described on this page. Once you see how easy it is to do – it may quickly become an ongoing hobby!

What Do You Need to Paint on Glass?

The basic materials needed for glass painting are cleaning fluid (paint thinner/ or glass  cleaning solution) Nail polish remover can also be used instead.

The colors that are generally used are Fevicryl or innovative craft and outliner that can be all set made or can even be made in the house. The next step is choose your painting surface such as: glass, mirror, clear plastic, acetate sheets (transparent sheets) or bottles.

The 6-Step Painting Process:

The process of glass painting is made up of 6 steps

1. Step 1 is to wipe off the glass with dry cotton swabs or cloth.

2. After this, the glass has to be cleaned with glass cleaner, thinner or with water.

3. Once the glass surface has dried, the design should be applied to the surface of the glass object. Keep in mid that is you choose a geometric design than contains straight lines, you will need have a greater amount of accuracy. This may end up being more difficult and frustrating for a beginner. Therefore, if you are just starting out, look for designs that do not require as much accuracy, and you will enjoy your first glass painting project a lot more.

4. Now use an outliner, which draws the design on the glass surface area. Let it dry for 20 minutes.

5. After it has dried, you can begin adding color.

6. If the color bleeds out, then cotton swabs can be used to correct them and even thinner can clean accidental color drops on any area of the surface. Then, let your artwork dry completely. Check out 90 more techniques here.

What Type of Paint Do I Use for Painting Glass?

Basically there are two types of paint for glass that you can use. There is water based and non-water based paint.

If you prefer to use the non water based kind, you should use a ceramic thinner to water down the paint with. Brushes will also need to be cleaned with a thinner. This process takes a little more clean-up time and more patience.

If you choose a water based paint, clean up is much easier and will take less time, as you do not need to use paint thinner, etc.. For your guide lines on top of glass, you will need an outliner. Here you need a steady hand as you squeeze the paint to form your lines. You can get them in various color tones, but there are a few basic ones one can make use of. Namely black, gold, silver, as well as gray.

Alternatively, you can use leading tape. This is more often than not used on windows and doors. Normally this comes in a couple of widths and on a roll. In this situation the backing needs to be pulled off so that you can affix the tape to the glass and subsequently try to twist it to create your design.

If you have a significant space to cover you can always draw on a sponge to put on the paint furthermore you could even now blend your colors despite the fact that they are wet.

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